Though it was winter, the weather forecast said ‘bright and sunny’. So he set out to conquer the cliff. He felt gratified when he reached the top. He ate, rested for a little while, took a few pix for his wife, who wasn’t comfortable about his stunt that day.

Then he began to descend with the help of his harness and holding tightly on to his climbing rope. Half way through, all of a sudden, it began to snow heavily which made his climb down extremely difficult. Soon, like a huge bear on its hind legs, night fell. The cold was biting. To make matters worse there was no visibility.

Yet, he continued with his downward journey inch by inch. After a while he was completely exhausted. He felt he could not make it any further.

Then he began to pray: O my Lord, please be merciful, and take me to the ground.

A little while later, he heard a voice out of nowhere: Stop holding on to the rope, leave it.

But he thought, how can I do that, and held on to the rope more tightly.

The next morning, people saw a frozen dead man holding on to a climbing rope, just one metre above the ground.

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